About Victor Vargas

Why is your voice so strange?
One explanation I have come up with is that growing up I had a heavy accent so I decided to try my hardest to erase it. However, I eventually learned too late at the age of 20 that accents are sexy and was stuck with the pseudo squeky, lispy, thing you hear today.
Then why don’t you have someone else do voice over work?
I did but unfortunately I found out that I then wouldn’t be able pump them out at the speed I wanted to in order to keep up with current events.
I think your voice is awesome and you’re being self-conscious.
Thanks :)
I find your opinions pedestrian, poorly thought out, and foolish. How did you become so stupid?
Lots of reading and debating.
I think you are a total genius! How did you become so smart?!
Lots of reading and debating.
Your drawings suck
To be fair, I started teaching myself how to draw starting in December 2012
This is where you are at in such a short amount of time?! Whats your secret?
Mike Crowley
What is your alignment?
Lawful Good :)
I mean what is your political alignment?
Varies on the issue. Just keep reading