Original Launch Plan

Originally this site was going to open to a lot more fanfare. My plans, however, were thwarted.

As some of you might know, I was planning to launch my website, Emperor of the Idiots, some time ago. However the launch was delayed by the destruction of my advertising plans.

Months ago, I had purchased the back of this year’s Animethon Guidebook. As I was once chair of the Animethonand I’m a regular vendor I figured running an ad in their guidebook to promote this website would be easy. Plus they were giving a discount to all returning vendors for who purchased ads.

After much work, I came up with these three concepts for an ad to promote this very site.


Aren’t they lovely?

Eventually I narrowed it down to this little beauty and sent it off to be the back cover of the guidebook.


Well wouldn’t you know it, it wasn’t approved to be on the back of the guidebook and I received this letter from ASAPA.(The Alberta Society for Asian Popular Arts, the Owners of Animethon)


I was a bit bemused, especially on the point that I wasn’t following ASAPA’s mandate. But I figured I’d send them another ad and offer them more money to be under my name as opposed to Victors Games (Victors Games got a 10% discount)

And so this clutch of ads were created to address their concerns:


I thought the problem was nipped in the bud and soon I’d be autographing hundreds of guidebooks at Animethon. Then, another letter:


So apparently I was still violating their mandate and I am accidentally flipping off the bird. Well clearly, I could solve all of this with this new ad:


Now I clearly was within their mandate. Or so I thought. While ASAPA didn’t send me one of their official letters, I did get this wonderful email (not an official pdf letter sadly):

Dear Victors Games,
Upon further review and discussion Animethon and ASAPA have decided that unfortunately this year we will not be able to accommodate your advertisements as presented as it continues to not fit within our mandate. You will be presented with a refund for the full amount you paid for the advertisement via mail. Thank you for your time and interest in advertising with Animethon.

Best regards,

So alas, the greatest guidebook backcover in history will not be. Although I really do wonder how that last ad was still violating their mandate as I was promoting two anime clubs in it. Oh well, it happens I guess.

At least I got a full refund.

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