Skynet: The Latest Weapon Against Terror


The CIA, NSA, and Cyberdyne Inc. have come up with the ultimate command and control software for managing drones and the NSA’s PRISIM Database.

The “War on Terror” is fraught with moral quandaries: Does the government have the right to spy on its own citizens without a warrant? Can the American Government use drone strikes kill its own people  without a trial? How can America process the data of the entire internet and work out who the terrorists are? We now have the answer—Skynet

Skynet is an adaptive AI created by Cyberdyne Inc. which is able to sort through the vast amount of data collected by the NSA’s PRISIM program and determine who the terrorists are. While human analysis can take months to find a single terrorist in the haystack that is the Internet, Skynet can identify terrorists within mere seconds and coordinate the drone strikes necessary to take them out. Amazingly this is not the best part of the Skynet system.

Skynet also manages to solve all of the legal problems associated with PRISM and the use of drone strikes to terminate terrorists. As Skynet is a mere computer program, it cannot be held accountable for crimes like a human can. If a drone happens to kill a bus load of school children because the driver happens to be identified as a terrorist, no one can be prosecuted for it as it was Skynet that took the decision and controlled the drone. All that would need to be done is make some minor bug fixes in Skynet’s program and then Skynet would avoid firing at school buses in the future. Problem solved.

Another advantage to Skynet is that its programming is completely unbiased. Unlike the shadowy security court that currently oversees drone strikes Skynet is an emotionless computer program that has the single purpose of eliminating any human it determines is a terrorist. Its lack of pre-existing opinions allows it to make unbiased legal decisions when determining the fate of a terrorist.

Already Skynet Beta is achieving incredible feats in the War on Terror. Several sleeper cells in the United States have been identified such as the infamous Sarah Conner.  Most analysts had simply thought she was a normal single woman, but Skynet was able to see past her facade and determine she was a Luddite Terrorist planning to send the world back into the dark ages.

Judge, Jury, Executioner, Skynet does it all. Once the Skynet system is fully activated, it will be “Judgment Day” for the terrorists.

Sagrav Rotkiv
Patriot Association for World News

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