Federation Imperialism – The Real Story Behind The Bajoran Protests

BajorProtestsImperialists in the United Federation of Planets have paid fascist to overthrow the democratically elected government of Kai Winn Adami

I’m sure you’ve seen the images: thousands of Bajoran peaceful protesters filling the streets and toppling statues dedicated to the beloved Gul Dukat and chanting their demands for democracy. However, don’t think for a moment that these protests are “democratic”. The sinister reality is that they are Anti-Cardassian fascists paid by the Federation to riot and establish a dictatorship.

By watching the videos of these “protests” you can see how peaceful these “protesters” really are. Just look at them attacking police who only have their Mk II Crowd Suppression Rifles and standard issue non-lethal hollow-point shredder rounds for their defense. Sure the “protesters” claim that these brave police officers opened fire on them, but if that is the case there is a peaceful way to deal with these officers. All the protesters needed to do was calmly provide the proper authorities with evidence that these loyal officers over stepped their bounds and calmly wait until the gears of Bajoran justice properly punish the wrong doers. The only reason they don’t do this is because the protesters, armed with state of the art wooden boards, started the violence and gave the police no choice but to try and neutralize them.

It is quite clear that these “protesters” are really being controlled by their racist fascist prophet, Captain Benjamin Sisko… a black man. This non-white human has been stoking Anti-Cardassian and racist sentiments in The Bajor for years with hateful claims like the “Bajoran Famine” actually happened and was manufactured by the Cardassian Government when we all know that this is a lie created by his zionist masters to spread hatred towards Cardassians. Now he hopes to establish his racist state which will likely beat up all the Cardassians and Jews living in The Bajor.

Ask yourself this: Why would Captain Sisko, a black man, have his chief engineer be Miles O’Brian, a white man, unless there was some kind of racist fascist conspiracy at work? Clearly Miles O’Brian is the real commander of the Federation mission and is Sisko’s Jewish controller! Why would the Federation construct such an obvious ruse unless there was a conspiracy at work?!

Of course this imperialist plot by the Federation doesn’t seem to fit their normal scheme of conquering worlds for it’s precious dilithium. In the case of The Bajor, the Federation has one distinct prize: Grain… precious grain to feed their warmachine.

You see, in addition to dilithium, the Federation fleet also requires grain to fuel their Bread Based War Economy. As The Bajor is rich in grain, the Federation hopes to use this to bake more bread and expand it’s ever growing war fleet.While the Federation can freely create it’s own bread with it’s replicators, it’s capitalist class demands the comfort of fresh bread created with real grain. Therefore, The Bajor is of vital importance to their war efforts.

Unless something is done soon, what is happening on The Bajor could happen throughout the entire galaxy. We could be entering an age where democratically elected governments who only want to improve the efficiency of their nations by centralizing power onto a single democratically elected president for life, can be overthrown by racist fascist Nazi mercenaries in the name of democracy.

– Gul Du Goebbels
Cardassia Today

Note: Cardassia Today insists that the planet in question must be refereed to as “The Bajor” and not simply “Bajor”. To do otherwise would be insulting.

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